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 According to a World Health Organization’s report on youth violence list several risk factors that contribute to youth violence.  Individual factors might include :

  • hyperactivity,

    • poor behavioral control and

      • low educational achievement. 


  • Social, political and cultural factors might include, the increase in gang activity, a youth’s disconnect with the community, not enough non-violent alternative activities for youth to participate in.  And still, the home environment, where there is lack of supervision by parents, income inequality, divorce and separation can also be risk factors.


  • The advent of social media has contributed greatly to inactivity and poor eating habits.  One out of every five children in the U.S. is overweight or obese.  If not addressed, obesity can often lead to chronic diseases such diabetes and heart disease later in life. Further overweight children are more prone to develop stress, sadness and low self esteem.


The Savannah Speed Track Club seeks to do its part in assisting the community of Savannah in its efforts to curve youth violence by creating a safe and disciplined environment where youth can express themselves in a positive way through sports. 


  • Participation in youth sports spurs health consciousness as poor eating habits tend to lead to poor performances.  Youth sports have been found to stir amazing things in the lives of our youth especially those who feel they have no hope.


  • Youth sports are the ultimate classroom.  Kids learn the importance of: 

    • teamwork,

    • sportsmanship,

    • perseverance,

    • respect for authority and rules, and

    • how to win in life with class and lose with dignity.  


Mission Statement

 The Savannah Speed Track Club pledges a DEEP commitment to the youth of Savannah and the community to bring optimism and inspiration that offer incentives through perspiration for youth to be successful in life.



  • To Develop leaders by building confidence and through the teaching of self discipline, good sportsmanship in a competitive environment


  • To Enhance educational achievement by providing motivation to succeed in the classroom.  Children earn the privilege to participate in sports by performing well in school.


  • To Encourage fitness and fun.  Playing sports boost self esteem and promotes positive friendships and the increase in physical activity promotes healthy practices.


  • To Provide a gateway of opportunities at the Division 1 and 2 collegiate level and at the professional level.  Youth who perform well and meet their academic requirements may be able to win scholarships.


Keys to Success

  1. Utilizing the school system to promote the sports program and recruiting team coaches

  2. Keeping cost low for field maintenance and facility use with the school and city parks and recreation systems

  3. Maintaining a high level of endorsement with parents and youth

  4. Upholding a standard of excellence in practices and performances

  5. Committing to continuous funding for activities required to deliver the objectives


  • The Savannah Speed Track Club will support its efforts through community sponsorships, fundraising and the assistance of grants.  The Savannah Speed Track Club will also put on one major track event each year which will not only increase funding for the club, but bring a huge impact economically to the Savannah community.


  • The Savannah Speed Track Club will register as a USATF club that will be governed by a board of directors made up of volunteers who will actively oversee the administration of all USATF rules and regulations and make all major club decisions to include such things as staffing, setting team rules and regulations, budgeting needs, and uniform and travel requirements.


  • The club will be open to youth ranging in ages from 6 years old to 19 years old.  The youth will be segmented by age into groups that closely mirrors the school systems category of elementary, middle and high school classes.  Several coaches with varying degrees of expertise from hands on to professional will be utilized to instruct the youth in multiple disciplines such as sprinting, distance running, and field event.


  • The Savannah Speed Track Club will participate in and sponsor several major track events.  Among the more popular will be USATFGA State Championship, USATF Regional Championship and USATF Junior Olympics.  The Savannah Speed Track Club will increase athletic performance through participation in local developmental and invitational track meet.

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